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stock fish wholesalers norway

stock fish wholesalers norway


stock fish wholesalers norway

stock fish wholesalers norway have been drying fish outside in the crisp ocean wind to produce stockfish since the Viking era.

The finest raw resources are need  produce exquisite stockfish, which delicacy created nearly solely  the North of Norway.

The Norwegian Arctic cod, also known as skrei, the primary source of our stockfish. It fished above the Arctic Circle, where the circumstances are ideal for drying the fish.

We continue to manufacture it utilizing the same processes and unique component—our nature.

The fish stay out near the water in Northern Norway from February to May, when they are expose to the weather.

The climate ideal for drying fish since it hovers around freezing and has the ideal ratio of wind, sun, and rain. Nature what transforms this exquisite fish into the priceless, unique, and delectable stockfish.

The fully preserved by the drying procedure, which has been used for thousands of years.

To feed sailors on ships, stockfish was  high demand precisely for this reason, making Norwegian stockfish  globally recognized species of fish.

we have all stockfish sizes available and personal taste usually dictates the preferred stockfish sizes. the sizes that we offer are:

– 20 / 40cm

– 30 / 50cm

– 40 / 60cm

– 50 / 70cm

– 60 / 80cm