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scrap wire near me

scrap wire near me



scrap wire near me

scrap wire near me may be welded and brazed and has strong electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and processing qualities.

A trace of oxygen has little impact electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and processing performance since contains fewer contaminants that impair these properties,

yet simple to create “hydrogen sickness It cannot be used or processed (annealed, annealed, welded, etc.).

1.Pure copper scrap 99.99%

1.Copper wire scrap
2.Copper wire,tube,plate,etc
3.High quality:99%

2.Copper Scrap 99%
High-quality cable scrap with almost no impurities
Single Crystal Copper Wire

1.pure copper scrap
2.Good fatigue/abrasion/corrosion resistance
3.Be the bearing,switch,frame

Millberry Cu 99.9%min
Wire diameter: 0.30mm, 0.25mm, 0.20mm
competitive price.
Copper Scrap 99.9%

Copper WIRE SCRAP, (Millberry) 99.99% at a purity of 99.98% min. 99.99% Max.
COPPER: 99.9%
CARBON: 0.03%
COBLET: <0.001
IRON: 0.005%
SULPHUR: <.01%
ZINC: 0.003%
Zinc: 0.003%

Of course, not every form of copper will be completely pure and uncontaminated.

It will regarded as #2 copper if you discover copper wires or pipes that are still  decent shape but have some sort of contamination.

Other metal pieces or copper bars that might fit inside bracket are occasionally found well.

The material  question must between 94 and 96 percent pure copper, though, order to be classified #2 copper.