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Natural Sheep Casings

Natural Sheep Casings



Natural Sheep Casings

Natural Sheep Casings great option for sausage making; they are durable while retaining elasticity, and allow for smoke penetration which enhances flavor.

This  also the type of casing that gives sausage that distinct snap when bitten. Sheep casings are typically smaller and more tender than hog or beef casings, cooke  dried a variety of ways.

Our sheep casings are perfect for pretty much any recipe you have in mind and are easily twistable into links; simply select the diameter that suits your needs.

All of our casings are “A-Grade”, a high standard that classifies them as having minimal holes and more strength for stuffing fine grinds with less bursts.

All of our casings have gone through a strict and thorough cleaning process; always de-whiskered, never bleached.

These casings are not whole hank; instead, they are made up of various lengths, called “shorts” (1 yard minimum), making this the perfect option for home sausage makers. Approximately 60 yards long.

We recommend keeping these casings in the fridge at all times and have a very long shelf life when stored properly.

Un-refrigerated, these salted casings may begin to give off an odor, even though they are not spoiled. Put them back under refrigeration and this odor subsides.

Do not freeze; freezing natural casings can cause weakening and tears, which can lead to bursting more frequently when stuffing and cooking. Soak prior to use.

This will help the product become tender and pliable, allowing for easier loading onto stuffing tubes.

  • 22-24 mm: Sausage will be approximately 7/8” – 1” when stuffed. Stuffing capacity: approximately 40 lbs. Perfect for making pork sausage links or breakfast sausage
  • Premium quality and easy to use. Versatile, edible, natural casing with classic sausage “snap”. Easily twistable into links.
  • Approximately 60 yards in several pieces (minimum 3-foot sections), NOT whole hank. More manageable for at home sausage making; lower cost with less waste
  • Sausage Maker casings come packed in purified salt for an indefinite shelf life when refrigerated