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gallstones price

gallstones price



gallstones price

To eliminate any blood or other flaws, gallstones price. Gallstones in ox Gallstones in Cattle Gallstones in cows a hundred percent entire stones Broken and powdered to a hundred percent

Description of the product

Classification and quality
Stones with the following characteristics are in high demand: yellow golden orange color; low specific weight; huge stones; bili rubin content of at least 35%;
Dark stones are in high demand as well, but prices are significantly lower.

Gallstones can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball.
The gallbladder can create a single massive gallstone, hundreds of tiny stones, or a combination of small and large stones.

Gallstones are tiny stones that develop in the gallbladder and are typically formed of cholesterol. Most of the time, they are asymptomatic and do not require medical attention.

The gallbladder  little organ located in the upper right belly, directly beneath the liver.

It pouch that houses the greenish-yellow fluid known as bile, which aids in digestion.

Your gallbladder normally has problems when something, such as a gallstone, obstructing it bile duct.

The majority of gallstones are caused by the hardening of bile-derived chemicals like cholesterol. Gallstones are frequently asymptomatic and quite prevalent.


100% whole stones
90% whole stones / 10% broken
80% whole stones / 20% broken
70% whole stones / 30% broken
60% whole stones / 40% broken
100% broken stones
100% ox gall powder