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frozen chicken feet suppliers

frozen chicken feet suppliers


frozen chicken feet suppliers

These frozen chicken feet suppliers are a tasty, crispy treat for both dogs and cats since they are filled with soft bone, cartilage, and connective tissue.
Excellent starting bone for puppies and dogs older than 10 weeks.
appropriate for working dogs.
Pack weight 1 kilogram
A truly delicious, all-natural, raw delight that can be used as a snack to support oral hygiene and fresh breath.
Chicken feet can be consumed as a snack or as a part of a homemade raw meal because they are packed with natural nutrients that support health and energy.

We advise feeding this product to animals older than 10 weeks old because it is regarded by experts as a raw bone for beginners.
INGREDIENTS: Chicken (100 percent )

The Taiba Chicken Company provides the highest standard of quality. a pair of frozen chicken feet Feet are a classic because of their deep, rich flavor and soft succulence.

The admirers of feet will find enough to satisfy them.

Specifications: Thoroughly cleansed, without hard outer nails or exterior hard yellow skin. There was no blood, odor, black nail, bruise, or black pad. Less than 3% of people have broken bones.

Less than 2% of the atmosphere is dry. Frozen and fresh to the fullest,

30 to 55 grams (On average: 45gr)

14 to 16 cm in length

Shelf life: 12 months after the date of manufacturing.