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electric lighter price

electric lighter price

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electric lighter price

electric lighter price – Strongest USB Double Arc Lighter – Electronic Lighter with 800 mAh Lithium Battery – Plasma Lighter

Specifications of the product
Electric arcs, rather than flames, are used to light candles, lanterns, gas cookers, grills, and fireplaces nowadays.

They are safe, dependable, and environmentally beneficial. Refill lighters run out of gas or fuel when you need them most.

Disposable lighters are bad for the environment.

TFA’s arc lighter uses an electric arc and can be charged conveniently and cheaply with a micro-USB cable — on a laptop or PC, or a power bank – exactly like a smartphone. When the battery low, an LED light illuminates, and after 1.5–2 hours of charging, it ready to use again.

The charging cable includ the package.
This useful item offers even more benefits than traditional lighters: It ignites because it does not form an open flame.

Unwanted ignition is prevented with a protective cover. The automatically interrupted after 10 seconds at the latest when you release the button.

Because of it form, the device can be utilized safely and conveniently.

To light candles, gas stovetops/BBQs, fireplaces, and a variety of other appliances
An electric arc used.
No open flame, lights up in windy and damp weather.
Micro-USB cable for charging (included)
Environmentally friendly and cost-effective
Automatic cut-off and safety cover
Simple to use and safe

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