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dry stock fish for sale

dry stock fish for sale


dry stock fish for sale

Find the best deal on dry stock fish for sale. Norway  reputed to produce the best stockfish in the world.

You can count on us and we’ll keep our word if you wish to buy stock fish with a fantastic taste.

You can trust Aschums Seafood Ab since have combined 50 years of experience catching and exporting fish to all corners of the globe serve our customers dry stock fish for sale.

All of our fish normally come from Lofoten or Finnmark, two of Norway most northern districts, specialist exporter of Grade A stockfish from Norway.

We offer to buy stockfish  Noway from  broad variety of fish species, different sizes, and  various quality grades because our goal  to precisely suit the needs of our customers. to learn more about Stockfish.

Available sizes:

20 / 40cm
30 / 50cm
40 / 60cm
50 / 70cm
60 / 80cm


Controlling blood pressure, high blood therapy, and clean carbon dioxide in the blood. Useful for working muscles.

Category-Natural Preserved food by the smoking process.
Taste-Natural ( Saltless, No MSG, No other food additives)
Nutrition Fact-Carbohydrate 1,7 %
Protein 17,7 %
Fish Fat 4,8 % ( Cholesterol free).
Essential amino acids, Water 11 %49.9 %

Quality Dried Smoked catfish.