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double a a4 paper price

double a a4 paper price


double a a4 paper price

We are one of South Africa’s major manufacturers and suppliers of A4 copy papers, A4 print paper, A4 paper, A4 copy paper, A4 papers, A4 paper wrapping machine, and A4 paper. We manufacture multipurpose paper that meets the following requirements. 80 gsm, 75 gsm, and 70 gsm Imported quality Natural Wood Pulp is 100 percent natural. Natural White Cap, Brightness = 102-104 percent High-speed copying (up to 100 pages per minute), laser, inkjet, and fax capabilities. Surface roughness: 103-110 um Thickness: 103-110 um

Everything is in the fiber, and the high fiber concentration of Double A copy paper makes it ideal for high-speed machines.
The following are seven reasons why:

• Good Runnability: Our precision rotary paper cutting machines considerably prevent paper jams in copiers, as evidenced by a rigorous ‘No Jam’ Runnability test conducted under independent laboratory circumstances, in which 60 pages per minute were duplicated continuously for 24 hours.

• Printing Sharpness: The smooth surface of the Double A enables for good toner transfer, resulting in copies that are as crisp as the original.

• Excellent Smoothness: The smooth surface of Double A gives it a high-end feel and makes duplicating a breeze, especially in high-speed machines.

Bright Appearance: The 148-151 CIE whiteness of Double A ensures strong print contrast and fade resistance.

• Improved Copier Performance: Our innovative sheet cutting machines have sharp blades that produce less dust while printing or copying, extending the life of office equipment.

• Double-Sided Utilize: Due to the high opacity and great formation provided by Double A’s high grade fiber, it is possible to use it on both sides.

• Documents Have a Longer Shelf Life: Acid-free paper has a longer shelf life, making it ideal for document storage.

Properties of Double A Paper