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cow ghee price

cow ghee price



cow ghee price

Our cow ghee price  made from Gir Cows, a unique kind of cow. Our 400 acres of certified organic soil are home to more than 400 Gir cows. Gir cows give milk  higher caliber than those of other breeds of cows.

This kind of ghee  nutritional powerhouse that  excellent for people of all ages.

It has a very rich and regal aroma and is free of any chemicals or additions. When added to our regular meals, it makes them incredibly nutritious and mouthwatering.

In addition to being consumed directly, it is also a component of skin and hair care products. Without the usage of ghee, no pooja or ritual can be accomplished in India.

India is the greatest producer and user of A2 Cow Ghee and other goods made from A2 Cow Milk in the entire world.


Our Pure Salted & Unsalted Butter 82% made from 100% fresh and Natural cow milk.
1.Unsalted Cow Milk Butter 82%(25kg)
2.100% made by pure cow milk
3.High quality & reasonable price
4.Timely delivery

General introduction
1)Unsalted Cow Milk Butter 82% (25kg)
2)Creamy yellow to yellowish white
3)Natural milk fragrance.
4)Delicious taste.

Milkfat 82.0 % min.
Moisture 16.0 % max.
Nonfat Milk Solids 2.0 % approx.
pH 4.5 – 5.5
Taste and Odour Pleasant, clean, creamy
Colour Uniform, pale yellowish

Total Plate Count 30,000 / g max.
Coliforms Negative in 0.1 g
Salmonella Negative in 25 g
Yeast & Mould 100 / g max.
Antibiotics Negative

The product is packed in a 25kg net weight corrugated cartons with a polyethylene liner.