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buy a4 paper

buy a4 paper



buy a4 paper

Our company that manufactures and exports office stationery such as copy paper/copier paper/photocopy/a4 paper/80gsm/70gsm papers. We manufacture a4 papers, a3 papers, a5 papers, letter size copy papers, and legal size copy papers in a variety of sizes.

Slux Paper Mill Thailand sells paper and stationery.

we are the top *a4 copy paper manufacturers. We carry all varieties of “A4 paper 80 gsm” in rolls and sheets, as well as 75 gsm printer papers and 70 gsm photocopy papers. We also have A3 and A4 paper in rolls and sheets, as well as reams. Slux Paper Mill also offers a wide range of office-copy paper grade options, including 80gsm, 75gsm, 70gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, and a variety of additional multifunctional “copier papers.”

DELIVERY TIME: Around 5 days within Europe and approximately 18 days outside of the EU region.
INSPECTION: SGS will conduct quality and quantity inspections at the seller’s expense.
ORDER MINIMUM: 1 x 20 ft Container (7800 Reams with pallets or 8000 Reams without pallet)
MONTHLY CAPACITY: 50 A4 copy paper containers

– One authentic commercial invoice copy
– Three original copies of a clean “ON BOARD” Bill of Lading specifying the boats and containers into which the goods were loaded
– Three genuine copies of the CIS/SGS-issued certificate of shipping weights ascertained at the port of loading.
– List of contents – Certificate of Origin
– Three genuine copies of the SGS quality and quantity certificate at the loading port.
– Insurance protection