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alfalfa hay for sale near me

alfalfa hay for sale near me


alfalfa hay for sale near me

Your animals will benefit greatly from eating alfalfa hay. Although it has a slightly larger stem to leaf ratio than our premium hay, the quality is still very high.

We inspect and grade every lot of alfalfa hay for the leaf to stem ratio, moisture content, color, contaminants like mold and bugs, stem size, and nutrition levels, as we do with all of our alfalfa hay.

The high nutritional content of our #2 Alfalfa hay is same to that of our premium Alfalfa hay.

Even so, it falls short of the high standards we set for our top-quality alfalfa hay. The feed is kept in a tidy, dry, covered space with the same level of care.

environment. Mold and poisonous or noxious plants are prohibited in our #2 hay. Not as well as our premium hay,

it might not flake. Although it is still excellent for small animals like horses, cattle, sheep, and goats who don’t require the finest quality of our premium alfalfa hay.


Alfalfa fresh seedings have drastically decreased—down by 25%, she claims. “This year’s new seedings are the smallest on record—under two million acres.”

Feed expenses for livestock and dairy cattle will also stay high even though the reduction will result in incredibly bullish pricing for hay farmers.

She predicts that alfalfa prices will increase by roughly 20% from where they were in the previous marketing year and by an additional 18–20% the following year.