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a4 copy paper for sale

a4 copy paper for sale


a4 copy paper for sale

We provide diverse assortment of a4 copy paper for sale, photo papers, and special papers various quality ratings to our customers. We are your ideal partner,

whether it standard brands, our in-house brands GO COPY® and GO PAPER®, or a customer own brand.

Our international logistics partners can execute quick and simple deliveries wherever in Europe at any time. Large warehouse inventories ensure that goods be delivered quickly and flexible manner.

Our extensive network allows us to export/ship products for our customers even outside Europe boundaries.

Our clients are wholesale, specialized, retail, distributors, and exporters of office materials at all stages of the supply chain.

The selection of our suppliers based on consistent high quality, long-term viability, and security.

Our suppliers must meet one of two mainstream sustainable forestry standards, the FSC® or the PEFC, at minimum.

We  strong long-term partner in the office paper trade because of our close cooperation and direct contact lines with consumers and suppliers.

We provide manufacturer-independent and full-area supply throughout Europe, well efficient and straightforward order processing and fair and long-term pricing maintenance.

Double A4 Photocopy Printing Paper 80 75 70 GSM A4 White Copier Paper Supplier

A4 Paper Packing Method :
5 REAMS/BOX(Carton)

APPLICATIONS OF OUR COPY PAPER: Compatible with all printers and fax machines. – Sharp printing and copying are made possible by the smooth paper surface.
– Because the paper sheet is used on both sides, it has a high opacity.
– Bright Appearance offers the printing a lot of contrast.
– Sharp cutting edges extend the life of the copying machine.
— Reduces a4 paper jams in the copier with anti-curl qualities. – A low dust content reduces the cost of running a copier.
– Each pack comes with a guarantee of 500 sheets.

The following are some of the benefits of our Double A4 Photocopy Printing paper: –

No photocopy machine jams – No double feed – Stay flat after copying – No dust in the copy machine –

It has nice appearance—white it and clean—and it has  nice touch to it. -smooth and substantial – no see-through – print on both sides Photocopiers, Fax High Speed Copying 100ppm, Laser printers, and Inkjet printers have all been produced.